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I've Cracked The Weight Loss Code!

Have you gained weight and after trying every diet under the sun and exercising for hours, you're still not losing stubborn fat?
The truth is, as we get older, the change in our hormones and metabolism causes our bodies to hold onto fat, making it nearly impossible for us to lose weight.
Ladies, I've been there! Two years ago, it seemed like my body just effortlessly gained weight, no matter what I did.
Until I was 30lbs overweight.
But instead of accepting my menopause belly and low confidence, I made a change! And here I am now 30lbs lighter, full of confidence and energy!
After losing weight, I made it my mission to help women like me to get slim because I know how horrible it is to try and lose weight and nothing works. 

Ladies Who Work With Me Get Incredible Results!


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Meg Stromberg

"We did it!  I participated in the 6 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge and went from 149 pounds to 141! I can't tell you how happy I am with the results."

Bernadette Solomon

"Thank you so much Petra it’s down to your wonderful motivational words that for the first time in years prompted me to get fit once more "

Lisa Jones

"I am thankful for you Petra and your awesome program as it has provided me what I needed to improve my health and the belief that I can reach my desired weight and sustain a healthy lifestyle going forward."